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Baggage Restrictions

For those who expressed interest, baggage restrictions are the normal restrictions for any airplane traveller.
One most remember however, that some people making Hajj, either never travelled before, haven’t travelled recently or haven’t travelled through the UK.

I am sure more discussions on what to pack will ensue (so that people won’t be dragging heavy suitcases while walking from Mina to Muzdalifah to Arafat to Mina (did I get that right?))



As I said in my first post we intended to make Hajj two years ago.

So two years ago, Chennette and I started getting some clothes made for Hajj. And so we put it down.

Well in the interim I lost about 10+ lbs (okay 10 of them really lost only this last 8 months or so…hehehe).

So mom and I went through all the cloth I’ve been accumulating to see what to make and also I tried on the clothes I had made. The already made clothes seem to fit nicely (yeah…she made them too weird two years ago and I wasn’t happy!)

Now, I just have to determine what else I need.

If you’ve ever seen my PJs, they’re quite decent. I can run down to the Haram in it or anywhere else in a pinch. My housedresses too. So we shall see. More clothes discussion to come 🙂


Second meeting

It’s the second meeting.

In the interim, we paid a down payment on our Hajj package (about 30%).

We reached…after the herd.
So we had to sit in front.
How thankful was I to see bottles of cold water being shared out.
It was hot.
Also, the fans were ALL on and the tables were arranged perpendicular to the previous arrangement thus taking full advantage of the fans for everybody’s benefit.

Not only did he have water, but our Hajj leader mentioned that they also provided some light refreshment for us (doubles! yay! I had 3 or 4…I think I had a super light breakfast that morning).
This really is luxury Hajj…hehehe 😉

We were surprised (happily) to discover a couple from our Jamaat was making Hajj with us too. So now, who is daddy going to ask to hold on for him? Dunno!

I’ll summarize this meeting as best as I can.

  • We were provided with a bulleted itinerary with approximate travel dates and approximate flight dates
  • As we’d paid a down payment, the balance was due in about a month’s time.
  • He summarized baggage restrictions.
  • We went through many duas and some details of making the Hajj. More will come in time.

Don’t remember much else because I forgot to take notes in my copy book … but will update 🙂


19 June 2008

Man, I miss out on the luxury Hajj meeting – DOUBLES??? Sigh. What are these baggage restrictions? I have to read “my own” blog to get info…


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